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About Chipotle Restaurant

About Restaurant

Founded in 2021, The first chipotle Mexican Restaurant in Melbourne , AUSTRALIA. Our name derives from chipotle pepper. It is a Jalapeno that has been left on vine to ripen untill Red, and is then Smoked and dried.

Chipotle is compound of two AZteC Words chilli (HoT pepper) and poctli (smoke). Yep, the name more oR less means smoked Peppers. we are destination for family dining and group occasions.We also offer guests. a line up of margaritas (FROZEN OR ON -THE-ROCKS) imported mexican beers and selected Local Australian Wines.

Cuipotle is proud to use fresh local ingredients and incorporate them into the mouth watering Mexican dishes. Chipotle's story is simple. We serve authentic Mexican food, impeccable service and memorable experience - plus everyday value. We invite you to discover new tastes, make new ones, and to be our friend and neighbor. So come,stay awhile!


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